where are my events?

I just migrated to xojo and am trying to add code to my webpage, but the events like open and show don’t show up as in RB Studio I hadn’t added any code to these events. So how do I add code to an event… must I add a method with the same name as the event?

Right click on an object in the navigator and at the top of the menu you will have Add to “Object” > menu. From there select Event Handler

If I recall, one of the arguments for not letting us edit our posts was that someone would delete their comment making the responder look like an idiot. Well, it appears that the comment deleters are still running amok.

The OP deleted the comment well before the responder responded. Draw your own conclusions.

I thought the post was all in the subject, hence my response…

Not too difficult to piece this one together, and Mike’s response doesn’t make him look like an idiot; in fact it’s still useful to others. Not that I endorse @Brian O’Brien having deleted his post, but it’s not a disaster, nor has it instantly turned the forum into a cesspool, as a certain doomsayer predicted :wink:

Ah, so the original post had no content at all? Maybe we need to forbid such heinous forum abuse :wink:

I can’t be sure. I just read the subject and thought it was enough to warrant a response. It never crossed my mind that Brian was running amok all over the forum, but he could be…

Brian… Speak now… O ye who hath no message body

It was deleted. We have no idea what it said.

My guess is that he solved his problem and wanted to delete the entire thread. Maybe we should make that possible, then no one will look like an idiot (just kidding) :wink:

I don’t know. Can you detail your problem a bit more?

My problem was me. :wink:
I trying to import a project from Real Studio and one of my classes had events defined.
However in the IDE on the instance of that class the only events I could see where those that had been coded.
In this case Resized was implemented but Shown was not and I wanted to put code in the event handler… but ‘where’ was Shown…
Took me about 30 seconds after I had written the post to find out how to add it myself. So I looked at my post, no one had replied in the minute that it was there, so why not delete it… now i know. :slight_smile: