Where are my coding prefs? (OSX)

I’m just moving all my stuff over to a fresh OS install and am wondering where the prefs for my coding colours, font etc are?

maybe it is /Users/username/Library/Preferences/com.xojo.xojo.plist

Sorry I should have said I tried that already.

that is the right item
theres no other

Simply replacing plist files in Preferences has become a less and less reliable way to overwrite settings thanks to Apple.
The newer your OS, the harder you have to try to kill the preferences.

This may be the problem you’re having.

Did you reboot afterwards? The settings may be cached.

Thanks for all your input - I fear Tim is probably right*, even though I’m actually just creating a new drive with the same OS version - my first SSD btw - blimey - how good is that?!

FWIW (and I’m sure it shouldn’t make any difference) I’m stuck on 2013 3.3 as I need to do a 10.6.8 build for the project I’m working on.

Anyway I copied RGB the values over manually. Using pen and paper no less! :wink:

  • The only major application I’ve ever known to play really nicely at copying prefs across systems is Cubase, which uses XML files in ~Library/Preferences/Cubase6/ - one of the things I least like about OSX is the lack of consistency of prefs and settings storage. I’m a composer for my real living and a fresh OS install is a weeked’s job for me. Every VST plug-in (and I have dozens) has their own favourite place for storing prefs and presets, not to mention the multitude of copy protection methods (eLicensers, iLoks, Challenge-Response codes, etc).

Now’s not the best time to mention XojoThemes is it…

You’re absolutely right. It isn’t!