Where are my App events?

As I said in a previous post I’m brand new to Xojo so please forgive my general ignorance here. I’m wanting to write some database code and I want the program to connect to or create the database when it launches. I know I should do this in the App.Open event. But how to I get to this event? When I select the App object in the navigator, all I see is the “constants” option.

Where are the App events?

You need to add an Event Handler and select which events you want to use.

Umm wow, that is cool! I like doing it that way. Thanks, Bob!

I would be more inclined to like it more if it was more obvious to newcomers. :slight_smile:

I made this point during the beta process: requiring users to Add Event Handler dramatically raises the discovery bar for new users. In my opinion, this ought to be a preference, to show all handlers for the object by default. As a long-time user of the IDE, I’d probably have it turned on as well.

Trust me, you weren’t the only one. Some of us brought it up during the alpha period. :wink:

OR beta :wink:

The flip side: can you imagine how bad the Navigator would be with every event for every object? It would make a large list even more unmanageable.

I have a love/hate relationship with the EventHandler. For some things I really like it (list boxes) but other times it’s a royal pain (timers, threads, and buttons come to mind immediately).

To me the best of both worlds approach would be for a few default events to be always added (perhaps set in preferences).

For instance, Open and Action, especially in objects like Timers that have only one event or a PushButton where duh, you need an Action event or it’s useless.

Rare and less used events would need to be added manually (but even there a handy “add event” button next to the control would be helpful).

The navigator

I’m getting more used to it… but even after all this time, I still think the old IDE was significantly more productive for me …

In any case events do need to be more discoverable somehow without cluttering up the navigator…

One way is for the EVENT header to ALWAYS be present even when there are no events… When you select the header the potential event list could show up in the code area , which is now blank.

That way events would MUCH easier to find/discover and in a place that would; be less distracting and more natural than a sheet

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