When I Try To Build 64 Bit

It says there is more than one item with this name but I am just using the method val so I convert it to use CDbl instead and I still get the error. This doesn’t happen in 32-bit build.

This is in Windows, Xojo r3.


Whats the rest of the line say?

[quote=316717:@Jeff Tullin]Whats the rest of the line say?[/quote]‘but got enum’
Does this mean I cannot convert enumerators like that anymore?

I think I fixed it by changing it to use ‘Integer’ method to convert instead of val or cdbl. I found this out after reading the documentation on enumerators. Sometimes I overlook the most fundamental of things so thanks for the help!

Xojo does just crash and close if I try to compile in 64-bit anyway. :confused:

File a Feedback report ASAP.

Will do.