When did Window.MouseY change its offset?

Somewhere between 2013r3 and 2015r4 Window’s and RectControl’s MouseX and MouseY changed, giving different offsets.

Does someone know which Xojo version made this change?

more specifics?

Add a control to a window, call its MouseY method and compare the values in 2013r3 vs 2015r4. They’re different. What more do you want to know?
The difference is the control’s Top value, I believe.
I.e, in 2013 you could call me.MouseY to get the mouse offset inside the control, and in 2015r4 you get the mouse offset in the Window instead.

well if you can’t/won’t tell us what you THINK changed, and how you came to this conclusion, no additional insight can be provided.

X,Y at upper left of a control is 0,0 … so I fail to see any “offset” at all
where MouseX,MouseY are based on the Left/Top of the control

this included using 2013r1

oh… and was same in RealStudio 2012

@Dave: oops.


(And he did say)