What's up with Brothersoft ?

So I just logged back to my old account at Brothersoft that I havent been using from many years.
I wanted to add my last software but when I was filling the form in the OS platform section I was surprised to see that there wasn’t the Windows 8 option. Only Windows 7. No 8, no 8.1 !

It’s weird isnt it ? Is there any chance it has closed ?

Brothersoft have always been weird, I’ve even had apps rejected by them for reasons as to which I don’t understand, apps that Apple have accepted.

I had a quick look at their site. It seems for them Windows 8 apps are also Windows phone apps. What a mess.

Maybe they haven’t heard of Windows 10 yet ?

Brothersoft has stepped away from mainstream after the site was hit by Google update. If you didn’t mention here, I almost forgot about it, lol