What's new in Xojo 2013r1 (Plugins SDK)

Obviously, the “Release Notes.txt” and “PluginPackaging.rtf” in the SDK folder are not up-to-date.

The Xojo release notes have more information:

• Plugins SDK: Added a way to forward events from a plugin’s NSView to the framework. An example project, HostedPluginExample, has been added to demonstrate how to do this.
• Plugins SDK: Enums inside of classes are now supported.
• IDE: HTML help can be loaded from ZIP plugins.
• IDE: Xojo plugins must be in ZIP format.
• Framework: The use of paramarrays no longer causes an error in plugin defined classes.
• IDE: Plugins that register methods or events with fully qualified type names (like REALbasic.Rect) for parameters or return types now work correctly.
• And Joe adds: Delegates are also supported as of 2013r1