What's ipcsocket on earth?

I just want to know what’s that working principle.

is it encapsulation from pipleline? udp? I thinks if I know it better,I would do better when using xojo to comunicate with other apps written by other languages.

thanks in advance.

Use either a tcp socket OR UDP then

document says:Used for interprocess communication between two applications on the same computer. Use TCPSocket for interprocess communication between applications on different computers.

IPC on OS X and Linux is just using a unix domain socket, so that would be very straight-forward. On Windows, in newer versions of RB (I think RB2005r3 or greater), it’s just a TCPSocket bound to the localhost. However, we convert the path into a port in an undocumented manner. So, on Windows, you can do some tricks to discover which port number the other TCPSocket should be using, but there’s no promise that a future version of the product won’t change the algorithm.

Aaron was the former compiler engineer and that was his answer.

Something Joe Ranieri wrote in another thread about IPCSocket on Windows (in the pro forum, which may not be accessible):

thanks ,but what if the port is used by other apps?

You get an error. Error 103 I believe.

thanks [quote=281769:@Massimo Valle]You get an error. Error 103 I believe.[/quote]

I think I have to add 1 /2/3 after meeting 103 error.