What Windows tickets are critical to you?

With so many verified issues in the feedback system I’m sure some critical issues are being overlooked.

Apart form the windows redraw/flicker/speed issues, what tickets do you have unresolved that are critical to your use of Xojo that could use some attention from our collective feedback points?

While I have many tickets open there’s only one that is really causing me concern to a point where I no longer trust anything after 2017r3 for 64bit builds in Windows.


What about you?

We won’t (aren’t allowed to) release public versions because of:
Drawn Text (e.g. in a Canvas, or a custom Control, or even Xojo’s own Code Editor) is looking “blurry” and “not good readable” on non HiDPI Monitors (compared to the “better-readable” GDI/Cleartype-rendering that is being used up until 2016r3).
Feedback reports for this issue:
<https://xojo.com/issue/51337> - Update text rendering method on Windows
<https://xojo.com/issue/53004> - Please use Native text rendering with cleartype on the DrawString Graphics Object on Windows

I’m with Jürg Otter

Now that redraw/flicker/speed issues are marked as solved, the overall look and feel it is also important. App look bad, RALLY bad on some monitors (that include Xojo IDE). Some text is great in the native controls, but, text on lists and every custom control look bad, and in some cases, causes fatigue on users.

I think it is criticall to be able to release an app with a decent UI.

And just to be clear: that includes Xojo’s “built-in” custom Controls, such as ListBox. So not even Xojo’s own Controls have a consistent Text rendering.

From our experience: it’s the non HiDPI Monitors (which probably > 85% of our customers are using). And you’re right - the “blurry and less readable” texts causes fatigue when you need to work looking at that for a long time.

Speed/Flicker has never been a big issue to us in our application. And we don’t need 64-Bit Windows build right now (even Microsoft recommends to put a 32Bit build on the Windows Store, as more customers will be able to use it). To us, this Text rendering is the showstopper since Xojo’s switch to Direct2D/DirectWrite.

So… we have a 64-Bit issue and Text rendering. What else is affecting others?

I made a bugreport about containers not honoring the transparent property. They are always white background on windows.