What was your very first compiled software ?

Mine was a game similar to rubik cube, made with quickbasic compiler under DOS 6.
I think it was around 95 or 96.
I dont remember where I found qbasic compiler since it wasnt bundled with Windows…probably on the floppy disks that came with computer magazines.

My first COMPILED program, which created an object (program), was on an IBM 1401 system in 1963. Source and object were punch cards. Before that my programs were ‘wired’ control panels. A program was a series of steps using IBM punch card key punchs, sorters, reproducers, tabulator printers, calculators, etc. (early '50).

A coordinate-geometry program for the survey group at my dad’s company. They had a total station but the tools for it were pretty nonexistent, so I helped write something that would help them with processing the data before pulling it into AutoCAD. I can’t remember when that was, but it was before 1988, and was in QuickBASIC. Good times!

When you say compiled, do you mean ‘ready to distribute’ as oppose to ready to debug.

I mean fully executable. In Windows it would be an EXE file.
I remember that finding compilers was hard, there were many interpreters for all flavors a basic dialects but few compilers. And no internet, no google to research…

I think you just won this thread.

As for my first compiled program, it would be one of the “learning to code” basic things that currently fill up the mac app store and macupdate like a basic text editor. I had the respect to everyone not to release it (or try to charge 99¢ for it.) That had to be when I was still in high school - 2006 probably.

My first experience “coding” was writing AppleScripts on an IIsi when I was like 6 or 7 :slight_smile:
As mentioned elsewhere, that machine is still running fine!

It was a tool (Norton builded something similar years later I think) where you could pick what ran in your Autoexec.bat and Config.sys to get more free memory. Needed it to play some games with my 640K. QBasic I think but this is a long time ago :slight_smile:

Before you were born, Basic was interpreted : AppleSoft Basic, IBM-PC Basica, Microsoft GWBasic.

I wrote a “mean” hockey statistics software for me in QuickBasic when I was 19. :slight_smile:

I cannot really recall my first attempt at compiling. Must have been in 1983 or so, with the then professional compiler for Basica.

My first real app was an IBM-PC compatible word processor in QuickBasic that was command and script compatible with AppleWriter I had grown to love from the //e. I had developed my own time slicing multitasking system, sort of a rudimentary thread that took care of formatting in the background, and I remember having a hell of a time debugging the thing, since it was inherently non-procedural and bugs where nearly impossible to trace. Sort of an ancestor of event driven computing.

That was back in 1985 or so, and I was very proud to have it for download on Compuserve. I was already 33 :wink:

That would likely been in college in 1973 or 74 on a mainframe… The freshman calculus course required us to write some programs to do things like integration . That was using BASIC with punch cards. I assume that as compiled but it could have ben interpreted…

If not, then it would have been about in 1976 or so,again while in college using punch cards but for the FORTRAN Course I took. I don’t think FORTRAN was interpreted.

But in neither case did I have to worry about the nitty gritty of the process… I just submitted the punched cards with my code.

In the mid 80’s i taught myself PASCAL on the VAX at work and wrote some apps that were used in my department… Then I was using VT102 terminal and had to explicitly compile and link at the command line.

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I remember writing code for ZX Spectrum (???) with a telly as monitor and later in university times using Pascal. But I think that my first compiled application was done using Realbasic 1 - 2. I hated C and never got the hang of it. Give me a pointer and I run away.

In the early REALbasic times, there was also RealC.

Back in 1974

Mainfraim TR440 (Telefunken, Germay)
Program to plott lissajous curves

The first program I wrote entirely on my own was a program to duplicate 80 column punched cards, changing columns 73 to 80 to a sequence number so the output set could be sorted if dropped ( I had an IBM card sorter in my office ). This was in 1970 in Fortran IV on an IBM 360 mainframe, which had 1mb main memory. Programs were submitted on punched cards, compiled, linked and run, then deleted from disk ( as disk space was scarce / expensive ).

A multiple floppy disk formatter for the Mac in an OOP Pascal back in the 80’s. At least I think that was my first.

Mine was an app which I made in a little program called “Xojo”. I think it was way back in erm…2013?

About 1980 on my Exidy Sorcerer z80 i wrote an optimizing catlefood program in MS basic on CPM. Biggest problem was the incompatibility between interpreter and compiler and the limited 48 kb memory of the computer. In about 1985 i wrote an accounting package in DBMan (DBase3 clone) on the Atari ST complete with GUI and in Omikron basic a program to reformat diskettes from 360 kb to over 400 kb and the doublesided ones from 720 to ca. 800 kb.

A BBS for the TRS-80 in assembly.