What was the last version of RealStudio / Xojo that does not throw ThreadAccessingUIException?

I have a heap of legacy code that I just need to make one very small change to for a quick point release - but it violates the paradigm of threads accessing UI elements (in many possibly excessive and creative ways) and the level of effort involved in fixing all those is way beyond the value of the app.

So, what’s the most recent version of either Xojo or RealStudio that did not throw ThreadAccessingUIException?

On a related note, I really wish that in the documentation there was a note for things that indicated when it was introduced or for how long it has been available, similar to how the other major documentation systems I use work (php, objective-c, etc). Should I file a feature request?

Purely from memory, so take it for what it’s worth, but I think it was the last version of RS.

I will second Kem’s memory.

That’s what I thought, but was not sure. Thanks.

It’s not RS. It’s Xojo 2013 (last 2013 release).

My (admittedly not perfect) memory is telling me that the exception was introduced in one platform before others (maybe windows first?) and then added to other platforms with subsequent releases. It seems like @Ashot Khachatryan is right that the last Xojo 2013 release is when all the platforms threw this exception, but I seem to recall it being thrown before then for at least one of my target platforms.

There are discussions on this forum from 2012 that mention this exception.

It was definitely thrown in Cocoa for a long time, I’m certain early Xojo 2013 releases did it.

I remember there was a blog post made around this topic.


from post:

I read the history version of one of my program and I wrote I had to correct some thread access UI in Xojo 2013r2 (I write in my history the version of Xojo I ise to build). Then I suppose it should be just before (like said above).

ThreadAccessingUIException started being raised in these versions:

OS X: 2013r1
Windows/Linux: 2013r3 (29096 Windows/Linux: Accessing the UI from a non-main thread now raises a ThreadAccessingUIException. )

I wrote an app that I drop my project file on and it opens in the version of RS/xojo it was last saved from.

A word of caution about using an older version, make sure that you test with the upcoming 10.10.3 release as this makes several apps of ours built against older versions of Xojo crash on launch.

If I understand correctly this houldnt be the case with the final version of 10.10.3, but Just in case.

Yeah we’ve heard rumors that some things we’ve been seeing will be fixed but don’t hold your breath :stuck_out_tongue:

Fingers crossed

Doesn’t look like 105 fixed the one I’m keenly interested in.