What version of xojo do I need to build executables?

I purchased a single Lite version of xojo for windows 10 but I want to be able to build executables. Which version do I need? I assumed the Lite version would allow that because on the website it says it support binary format.

When you purchase a Lite license it is tied to the platform you select at checkout. Be sure that’s the only platform you have selected under Build Settings.


IM not sur where to find build settings but when I look at my license it say it is for lite mac. I purchased the desk top lite version for windows so not sure why it runs on my computer but it does. I just want to upgrade to a version that lets me build executables. Which this version doesn’t want to let me do. The terminology on the website confused me. I have always thought of executable files as being of the binary format. Where do I find build settings? I just found build settings it is defaulted to “This Computer”. none of the other boxes are checked. I went back and checked the Windows checbox. no joy there as I get the same error nessage.

Xojo can run on Windows, Mac or Linux and that doesn’t depend on the license you have.

If your license says “Lite Mac” then you have the wrong license. You need “Lite Windows” in order to build Windows executables.

You can run Xojo on a mac (or Linux or Windows) with a Lite Windows license and build Windows executables.

Hi Del,

You have a Xojo Lite Mac license. If you want to switch it to Windows, we’d be happy to help you. Please contact hello@xojo.com.


Yes, please switch it for me!. I could have sworn I checked the windows box when I downloaded it. But, maybe not.:frowning: