What VCS system to use ?

The Upgrade Guide stated the prefered project file is Text (VCS):

preferred text-based format (xojo_project)

and even get three examples: Subversion, Git or Mercurial.

What is the “best” / “most” / “Prefered” from the three ?

Also, what are the required steps / conditions to use them ?
Monitor size?
Internet availability (need internet to work or | and can work without an internet connection)

One need a valid license to save as xojo_project (and xojo_xml_project).

We use Git however I can also recommend Fossil for Xojo work. Fossil is more convenient if you are one developer or a small firm. It has a auto sync mode that makes it similar to svn.

We use SVN with our own svn server. But if you are only one developer and not working on multiple machines you could create a local repository on your dev computer. The client we use is Cornerstone. It can also create local repos for you.

I just get an eye on Fossil (http://www.fossil-scm.org/download.html): 667.18 KiB !

Far, far away from Xojo(and Xojo StandAlone applications builts) weight !

One thing that you won’t be using is CVS… Apple’s infinitely wise Xcode development team have removed it and made it difficult if not impossible to implement under Mavericks.

I use Subversion (SVN), but have had great results with GIT as well.

I would like to use a VCS that does not use Terminal/command line and run locally. Only one developer.

Any recommendations?

[quote=48716:@James A Smith]I would like to use a VCS that does not use Terminal/command line and run locally. Only one developer.

Any recommendations?[/quote]
Git or Mercurial and SourceTree as a GUI. Works on Mac and Windows. And it’s free!

Check out Atlassian’s “Source Tree”

SourceTree FTW!

I’ve just migrated to this as well. Previously I used SVN and Cornerstone but my SVN host upped it’s prices etc and although I’m grandfathered, I get no new stuff, so I experimented and quite liked GIT. Also acts as an off-site immediate backup for me. :slight_smile:

I use MacHG with Mercurial. I’ve used Subversion and Git. Mercurial seems to combine the best of both.

I’ve never tried Fossil. That’s tempting to check out.

What is also interesting in SourceTree is its nice implementation of git-flow.

SourceTree + Bitbucket = Reliable & affordable (read:free) :slight_smile:

SourceTree + Stash & BitBucket

I’m an SVN convert, I now use Mercurial with the TortoiseHg GUI on Windows.

To install Fossil ? download the stand-alone executable and put it on your $PATH.
Winner of the year, category clear install: Fossil.

Do not ask me what is $PATH. I certainly know, but not at the moment (30 years in the computer business and I do not recall that)…

So, if you do not know, avoid Fossil ?

What I love too is to not tell that you have to download something else in order to run the software.
So, when you want to use the software, you discover that you need to download a complementary piece of software… Joe Newbie is happy.
You have to download two files to use LibreOffice, if you do want a non english version, but this is said in the downoad page and is very clear: proff that it is possible to do it right!

Oh, I forgot, I also love to download a < 1MB (.exe usually), be happy, go elsewhere where I do not have Internet access, run the exe and discover: “Oh, this is a downloader”. Nice job pal, I never will use your software !

Bad night here (certainly the cause of bad messages).

Are you talking about Fossil in particular? If you grab MacHG it install Mercurial for you.

Probably, but not sure. I recall someone who told me to place the into $PATH… and no explanation.

Thank you Joseph, I will download it and try this afternoon.
[minutes after: done, and it is an application, not an exe nor an unknow file).

I also recall… I download a file from that page and a GUI from another page. watzat ?

When you download Xojo, you get everything: no need to go back to the site to download something else…

we use Tower.app + git + ( bitbucket, github) = win. more bitbucket than github but we use both.