What turns off Listbox Multiple selection off?

In the IDE’s properties for listboxes, I have selection type multiple set (It should be on). For some reason this is not effective - I cannot select multiple rows.
What, besides for code, would cause this to be turned off?

Code in a superclass?

Sorry you misunderstood. I have no code anywhere with the words “SelectionType”

That doesn’t mean there isn’t something the is UNSELECTING them

you are assuming that multiples are not being “allowed”, where in fact there might be something that is unselecting them as fast as you are selecting them making it APPEAR that multiples are “not allowed”

Thanks. I have code in cellclick that is supposed to turn the contents into a helptag.
I eliminated that and it works, but now I don’t have a helptag. grumble

create the helptag at the same time you insert the contents into the cell

Thanks. I didn’t think to add in keyboard async handlers with return false