What to do with old open cases

I have several old cases that are open and I also haven’t seen the bug for years (sometimes)

It’d be nice if I had a way to get them closed.
Is there a process for letting you know that I think they can be closed?

It would be nice to have the ability to close then byself for example if there is a solution or workaround or so to be able to end the case.

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As author can you click on status field in Feedback and request closure.


Thanks I didn’t know it was there.
I just checked the above document and couldn’t find anything on status

Yeah, but nothing happens when you request closure. At least not that I have seen any reaction.

Mostly it is so that this remark is for the company byself to see where they do not have to take care of anymore. I guess they are not even thinking about that for us it would be nice to know which are closed and which are not. To tell this someone should open a Ticket