What to do with .dmp files

I have an app on Windows server that is running constantly, though what it has to do is very light. It seems to randomly crash every couple of weeks. I have .dmp files, but I have no idea what can be done with them re: Xojo. Without getting partisan about things, I know about the higher quality/usefulness of the Mac crash logs… and I am somewhat familiar with using .map files under VS in combination with aa .dmp, but what can I do about it with Xojo?

I am creating my own activity log and up to the crash point it is not pointing to anything unusual.


You can use a small utility to read the .dmp files. It is found here.

On Windows 10, simply right click the dmp file and then click open in File Manager. A utility is built into Windows 10. Here is a link to MS Windbg info. I am unsure whether Windbg is available on earlier versions of Windows. (and do not currently have access to one to test)

I don’t know if anyone will disagree with that :).

I’d start off by loading it up in WinDbg or VS, making sure the Microsoft symbol server is in use, and seeing if there’s any OS stack frames that indicate what could be wrong.

Thanks, making progress. VS is asking for the XojoGUIFramework32.dll and .pdb files… I know where the .dll is is the a .pdb file?

The gdb files aren’t public, but you could point it to the DLL that shipped with whatever version of Xojo you compiled with (or just grab it from the corresponding version of your app).