What to do when Auto is a text()

Ok, after a POST my page received comes back as JSON. I have an element called Rowset that is an array of key -> value pairs.
I note that when I request the Value of a specific Key, the result is an “Auto” type. I know that the value is actually a bunch of linefeed delimited text.
I want a specific line from that text, however…there are NO METHODS on the “Auto” class.
So I extended the class and use introspection. I pass it the Auto and I discover that the name property is Auto() --which seems to imply an array of Autos?
When in debug and I look at the variable Auto(83) (indicates there are 83 array elements) and I see each element is of type “Text”.

Dim Rowset as Xojo.Core.Dictionary = Response.Value(“Rowset”)
Dim Form as Auto = Rowset.Value(“FORM*1253”)

How do I retrieve say… Auto(2) as TEXT. It seems that auto() is invalid syntax… so I’m guessing I need text()
But I can’t assign an Auto to a text array, nor can I refer to a specific element of the auto.
Seems to be syntax issues either way. When I finally find the magic combination, I get a runtime error type mismatch.
I haven’t found the secret sauce to tell me how to refer to an Auto that thinks it’s an array of texts.


Ok…there exists the strong possibility I still don’t know what I’m doing…However; when I pass the Auto type variable “a” to my introspection function, I can then Create an array of Autos and then assign b = a.

Dim b() as Auto
b = a

I can then refer to b(0), b(1), b(2) even though a(0), a(1), a(2) seems to be invalid because a is of type “Auto” and not Auto().

I was then able to convert b(x) into Text and return it. Strange…but it works.