What the hack is the Xojo Bot doing to my tickets?

I have a very nasty ticket open. It’s about Windows and its graphics:


Alyssa pushed it on the “Bug-Bash” list. Now this:

Is this normal? What else happens now?

Bad robot !

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Yes is normal. Bug Bash 2022 was only for August, as soon as September started all cases with label “Bug Bash 2022” the robot removed them.

Now that bug bash is over, one of the team will look at the bug.

The bug bash is over. I suspect the bot is in cleanup mode.

From the blog:

If an issue you nominated was not fixed, it will still be evaluated at some point. Over the next week the Bug Bash label will be removed from cases and we will be adding a :+1: to them so we can keep track of what issues are important to you. Going forward please use the :+1: to let us know what issues affect you.