What tasks to do after upgrading Xcode?

Finally made the jump to Xcode 11. Only went to 11.0. I like to stay behind the newest version since there always seems to be incompatibilities with Xojo.

After I installed Xcode, I remembered reading posts on here about “things” you have to do in Xcode. I found the solution on how to show iOS 13 devices in Simulator (Xcode > Preferences > Locations > Change the Command Line Tools to Xcode 11.0). Ok great, this worked, but I have only a shortened list of devices. How do you get all of the compatible devices?
Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 4.27.21 PM

Besides this, is there anything else I have to do? It looks like my certificates are still present in Xcode Preferences.

Open Simulator app, go to Menu Hardware > Devices > Manage Devices
Then add any necessary device.

IMO the only additional device needed is the iPhone SE (1st gen) which is the smallest available screen size.

That’s a good point about SE. I hardly ever use the other devices in simulator. Usually the smallest and largest screens to test. I’ll check in iTunes Connect for the device sizes that require screenshots for the App Store and will add any necessary. Thank you!

For iPhone screenshots, only
iphone 11 pro max
iPhone 8 plus
Are required. All others are optional and clearly a waste of time

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