What so long to just open the project in 2018r1?

Why does a project take 30 seconds to open in 2017r3 and 3 minutes and 39 seconds to open in 2018r1???

Please don’t ask if I cleared the caches, restarted the computer between each project being opened. Yes, I did. I just lost 3 minutes of my productive time every time I open a project!

The IDE has been getting slower and slower…

2018R1 takes about 80 seconds to load my rather large VCP project.
2017R3 takes 28 seconds.
2014R2.1 takes 20 seconds.

While I don’t load projects a ton, that 3x-4x slowdown over the years is not great for productivity…

Scarse details…… in fact, no details at all.

How large is the project in MB ?
How may WIndows, Modules, Classes, etc.

And, after all, how many times a day do you load your project ?

PS: Don’t get me wrong, I understand you, but is it something really important ? Early in the morning, when you open yur working computer, you already waste time to go from home to work… Powering ON your computer, wait time, saying Hello to co-workers, wait time, firing Xojo is just part of this wait time process.

Regretfully I have the same complaint added that the typing speed in the code editor is very slow and got slower with every new release.

The very slow typing speed together with the dramatic flickering (Windows) in the IDE is the reason why we did not renew any longer. Also the threads here about the errors in 2018 r1 are not looking promising.

Also traveling from home to work, startup time of the computer cannot be any justification why Xojo is behaving so slowly and is so buggy. With the introduction of Xojo back in 2013, the overall quality and productivity of Xojo dropped with every release. To take Android for example, Xojo is lagging behind severely with their competitors.

I am afraid that when the downfall continues, they are not gonna make it in this rapid ever changing world.

Because I need only Windows/Android development, I looked for other solutions which I found for Android. On Windows, if the decision would be mine, I stay with Xojo because I can workaround the bugs but at the cost of productivity. Getting the job done with Xojo can be very challenging and time consuming.

Can’t be more agree with @Chris Verberne. Just 200% my thoughts he wrote… :slight_smile: I like Xojo, but I also hate it. But in other side - it can keep my mind sharp, as dealing with workarounds trains my brain quite well. :smiley:

Don’t get me started about Xojo 2018r1 - for Windows definitely the worse release ever. :frowning:

[quote=383794:@Emile Schwarz]Scarse details…… in fact, no details at all.
How large is the project in MB ?
How may WIndows, Modules, Classes, etc.

As I said, it’s a large VCP project, so there’s more than one way to count the size (lines of code, objects, MB, etc.). If I’m the only one seeing the slowdown, then I think these details matter. But if everyone else is seeing it, then it’s probably a general issue, not specific to my project.

Good question - 2018 R1 has only crashed on me a few times, which means that I’m not loading the project as often as I had been in earlier IDE’s.

I was scarce on details too, sorry.

My current project (.xojo_binary_project) is < 30MB (project only).

Yes, it takes time to launch (2015r1), but I do ot care; I have a newspaper that I read while the computer boots, Xojo fires and loads my project.

But this is just me. I understand yor concern.