What signing identity is used when Xojo builds an application?

Hi all,

This may be trivial but I could not find an answer.

When I build an application, it comes out as a signed application. However, I am not sure which identity it was signed with:

  • Is it my identity (which is stored in my Keychain)?
  • Is it a special Xojo identity?


When building for macOS on Big Sur or above, the IDE signs with an ad-hoc signature that allows you to run it locally.

Oh thank you very much, Greg. As usual you are “God’s voice” for anything Xojo.

I am stuck to Catalina. Is it the same ?

It depends on which version of Xojo we’re talking about. 2020r1 only did this on Big Sur, but I believe it’s done on all versions now.

You can check by running this command:

codesign -dv -vvvv <path to app>

It’ll tell you in the output.