What should SpecialFolder.Applications mean on Windows?

I have an application that I want to launch in my parent app:

C:\Program Files\ArGest Backup 4.0\ArGest Backup Import Tool\ArGest Backup Import Tool

I can access and launch it in a cmd shell with that exact path.

However, when I try to get to it with a FolderItem, the “SpecialFolder.Applications” continuously points to “C:\Program Files (x86)”. Shouldn’t SpecialFolder.Applications point to the 64bit folder on a 64bit Windows installation by default?

Never Mind … I left the .exe off of the final Child element. The shell handles that, but the FolderItem matches the WHOLE thing. cannot for obvious reasons

I just did a quick test and SpecialFolder.Applications returns

32bit app - C:\Program Files (x86)\
64bit app - C:\Program Files\

which is correct as its based off the app, not the OS.

Are you placing a 32bit app in C:\Program Files\ ?