What sessions would YOU like to see at XDC?

Since the deadline for submitting presentations is Friday, I know this topic is top on your mind… :slight_smile: We have some people who have indicated they really want to speak but are having trouble coming up with a topic. So we put the question to you! What topics would you like to see covered at XDC?

Translocation is not evil
Session would be about access to files and how to get permissions. Translocation is great and protects users from bad developers, but it can be hard to adjust if you’re used to the old system of anything goes.

You can’t fake accessibility
Session would be about using as many native controls as possible, keeping to design paradigms, and making accessible apps. Faking everything you can with canvas leads to issues for accessibility devices. Should avoid HTML Viewer hacks.

Creating an API
Session would cover the basics for creating API endpoints with Xojo Web. This question comes up quite frequently in the forum circle of topics, and could be very useful if done by someone who knows API communications well.

You might also consider offloading one of the engineer’s topics to a presenter, and having an engineer do one on “Filing a bug report we can fix.:slight_smile:

just a few ideas from me:

  1. How to share code between projects, platforms and targets.
  2. Connecting to the Internet of Things
  3. Step by Step through app signing and Apple’s app notarization
  4. Get @Jeremie Leroy to tell people how to build nice and successful iOS apps in Xojo.
  5. Modernize a project from 5 years ago. Adding HiDPI, Dark Mode, 64-bit and replace deprecated/removed stuff.
  6. Leverage Amazon web services in Xojo for web apps, storage, messaging, push notifications and more.
  7. How to deal with difficult clients.
  8. Proper error handling, logging and reporting back to the developer.
  9. All about JSON and how to process it with high performance.

This year’s topic will certainly be:
Improving in-app payment conversion rate in your iOS/Mac apps

The market standard for iOS apps is 1-3%, my session will help you get 6-10%.

Oooohhhh…working on that right now…

I feel like this one should be a group effort. I don’t know of a company/consultant that hasn’t dealt with a difficult client at one point or another.

Here are my options:

Creating a matrix of variably sized objects for desktop and web
Often we want to display a list of object pictures rather than a text ListBox as it is more attractive and intuitive. But if there are a large variety in the number or size of these objects or the available window space changes, this can be confusing to display. I have written a routine to take any number of these objects and display them. It even caters for scrolling the objects, should the screen be too small.

How to Authorise a PC or “Sure, you have hacked my username and password, so what!”

Previous UK/Germany talks
Building a full WP text editor into Xojo desktop and web apps using CKEditor
How to extract the EXIF metadata from pictures, movies and music files
How to embed a web app inside a desktop app to make it more manageable

Why - you’re all here! :smiley:
The entire Xojo support team should present this session - jeesh - every day already!

A session would take less than 5 minutes :slight_smile:

1: Provide a sample project - NOT a complete production project!
The current record is something like 80MB+ (not including graphics), just not practical to review
There are occasions when this is unavoidable, but not often.
The process of writing a sample project often clarifies the issue for the developer - if not actually solving the issue :slight_smile:

2: Provide step-by-step description of how to reproduce the issue
A video recording is very useful to catch missed steps

3: Describe the ‘environment’ which creates the issue: Xojo version, O/S version, Plugins used and their version numbers, HiDPI or not, DarkMode or not, etc., etc.

4: Try not to make assumptions (tough at the best of times) that we (Xojo Feedback grunts) know anything at all about your problem.

5: Respond to ‘Information Required’ requests.

And just for laughs - Don’t file a Feedback case with a description of ‘?’. Yup - had that! :smiley:

  1. New Web UI Framework - Introduction to the new Layout types
  2. New Web UI Framework - Advanced (WebControllWrapper, Changes and New Features etc…)
  3. Cross-platform Mobile framework
  4. Using the new Interops
  5. Hopefully something on some framework improvements and addition of missing fundamentals: NullablePrimitiveObjectWrapperClasses, Lambdas, Generics
  6. Autogenerating Xojo Libraries from: Swagger Docs, DLL’s, TypeScript Definition Files

Just a reminder session topic proposals are due today - there are a lot of good suggestions here! If you have never spoken at XDC before, this would be a great time to submit your topic :slight_smile:

there is way too much of this these days…

I am really intereted in this one.

Nah. I think it’s just part of being in business. Any time you mix people together with differing skill sets and different personalities you’ll get into situations where you and the client aren’t going to get along.

i went from 1 a year to all mine current ones are. and the ones that used to be good, have turned on me. And its not just me. it is all vendors. yes we (the vendors) talk.

It’s not possible to do this correctly for a dll/dylib/shared library. The information required is not present in the shared library. All they typically have is the list of named entry points but no information about whether it’s a sub or function and what the parameter and return types are.

Couldn’t you in C# do an import of the DLL and then use reflection/introspection to generate all the Xojo code? I use C# and Roslyn to literally compile runtime code from a database table in one of my apps. It works like XojoScript but more powerful as you get access to the full library of all the “imports” you pass in. Whilst XojoScript doesn’t allow you to “new” up objects etc… making it more limiting. But building a .net app where you drag and drop in a DLL and it generates a Xojo library for it has to be at least be semi-feasible even if their are some limitations. And with Core - all the libraries are already cross platform for windows, linux, and mac as long as the runtime is installed

If the DLL is generated from C# code then:

  • yes it’s a dll (its a C# class library)
  • yes it might be plausible to generate some kind of code
  • no you can’t call it from Xojo (since you also can’t call it from a C program)

I don’t know how to do it in a way that would result in anything usable.

Might I suggest taking this functionality discussion to a new thread? The topic here is XDC Sessions!

How about one on how to do printing (text and pictures) on both Mac and Windows - with explanations on how to work around the differences between printing to the two platforms.

Just wanted to post the same. However that topic should be part of the documentation and accessible to all, having it as a XDC session means it will have to be bought at a cost that many “citizen developers” can‘t afford.