What Mind Mapping app do you use?

Similar to many, mind mapping begins with a piece of paper. This is followed by time and emails to myself. I found that I will get ideas for a project at the weirdest times, such as driving down the road, in the middle of the night, or when talking with a friend about something completely off-topic. By sending an email to myself I am able to capture the idea in a few words and will add the ideas to my mind map when I get back home to my desk.

Eugene, you should definitely try Evernote. Evernote offers what you need, on all your devices.

Thanks for the suggestion. It sounds like a great cross-platform tool - just like another great cross-platform tool we know :wink:

Just tried out xMind for my business planning. Very nice program. Considering the pro license.

A piece of history. Paul McCartney told (while he was a Beatles *) that they wrote songs using everything they had handly: paper, bill, newspaper, magazine, restaurent tablecloth, etc.

Also, in a discussion yesterday, I was thinking about the use of my 2in1 PC laptop (with active monitor) in Tablet mode with LibreOffice’s Draw / a computer pen to take notes: in that case, this is a real metaphor of the pen and paper experience. I think. I just have to check the idea viability.

  • I just recall that Mick Jagger confirm that: Paul and John wrote the song “I anna Be Your Man on a sheet of paper on a table corner and give them (The Rolling Stones recorded it and release it on a single).

Proof of ownership ?