What Mind Mapping app do you use?

I am looking for a good mind mapping tool for when I get about 400 ideas at once when I am designing my software :wink: What app do you use/recommend for Mac?


I use XMind. Because of cross-platform and because it’s free.

I use a #2 pencil, a piece of paper, and a glass of Scotch. When I get to designing my code and the ideas start flooding my brain I don’t have the time or patience to wait for mind mapping software. The Scotch is to slow things down so my fingers can keep up.

Seriously, I tried mind-mapping software and got too frustrated with it; finding myself more involved with the mapping software than in what I was trying to design and code. But that’s just me…your mileage may vary.

I keep a “feature request” type text document in each project so I can jot down ideas as they come to me.

Excepting the scotch (can’t stand the stuff) I’m with you.
Sometimes the right answer is “yeah you don’t need an app for that” :stuck_out_tongue:

#2 pencil? no… the computer is better to doodle with… and then you can evolve from concept to product by expanding on the outline.

scotch… have to agree with Norman here…

I use notebooks. Not little notepads or computers, which many people find surprising. I even keep the old notebooks around. And I use gel pens instead of pencil. I do this to create an archive of my thoughts. Like everybody else, I have bad ideas. I’d rather draw a line through my bad idea or write a note explaining WHY this is a bad idea. On a computer, those bad ideas go away with the delete key. And because they’re gone, they risk coming back.

I use Redmine - I’m a linear person. Toodledo for the unstructured stuff.

Thanks for the replies everyone!

I use iThoughts as it has both iPad and Mac versions, I do all my best thinking away from my desk :wink:

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I started using Mind Mapping tools to help me learn the systems of my new job. They weren’t flexible enough for what I was wanting.

I ended up installing a Wiki that allowed me to branch and connect the ideas/concepts/issues better. It “fit” my needs. I’ve even shared it with co-workers so they can research issues I’ve already found, and solved.


I’ve tried and given up on several mind mapping tools in the past, often they’re too limited for my current train of thought.

I find I normally start designing my own when I’m starting a new big project, but then when the next big project comes along, I realize the short falls of what I made last time that I again spend a few days and design a new one!

The one thing that hasn’t let me down, is my huge white boards, notepads and pens.

I too.

The piece of paper may be an envelope, a shop ticket (like McDonald’s), etc.

I also save design (so paper) / drawings…

Also, the idea(s) cam come anywhere / anytime, even while driving a car (but I wait if possible the red traffic light to do that).

Sometimes, I fire TextEdit (or wordPad, or…) because i fear to lose the idea.

I even created - sometimes - a folder and put the idea in its name !

Ideas is something I have plenty, all the time. Good ideas…

I tried using “Google Map” to find my mind, but it returned “Invalid location address”

Mindjet MindManager! Pricey, but one of the best tools I use, and have been using for years.

I used Mindview. With this program you can do calculatios on your mindmap and have gantcharts for planning
, being just another view. This application is not for free, think it’s about $400 per seat.
Nowerdays I am from project management back to developing my own, and not mutch mindmapping.

I also don’t see minfmapping interest when you are alone.
may be it’s usefull to present to programming staff, or to customers ?
I played with some free tools, and really did not see a lot of interest.
but I made my own bug-todo-project mapping tool (with xojo of course !) and this one I really like !

in the first days of AppStore I’ve found MindNode… this fits all my needs… but 75% is still paper/ pen / beer combination instead of scotch :wink: