What is Xojo.Core.Locale.Current?

What is the purpose of this? How can i see what is my current locale using this property?

yes i have seen that , but what is the current locale , ?

It depends: https://docs.xojo.com/Locale

  1. If you are not developing for iOS, try to ignore the Xojo framework and use API 2.0 instead. There is a Locale class too.

  2. The current locale for a desktop system is usually set by its language settings. For a web app, the app’s locale is the setting of the server it is running, while on client’s side (the session locale) it is the language setting of the browsers(’ systems).
    You can examine it by adding some code somewhere

    Var Loc As Locale = Locale.Current

running it and looking into the debugger.

And i thought we were already talking about API 2 bc. https://docs.xojo.com/DateTime.FormatStyles is using the Locale f.e. to determine the Date & Time Format. :slight_smile:

Im using Xojo 2018 version , What is API 2.0 ? In the language help i cannot see it.

Should i update xojo? to use API 2.0?

API 2.0 was added in 2019r2. We went through all of the APIs to make them consistent with each other. This makes them easier to use as a result though if you’re already familiar with the older APIs it will of course take some time to get used to the new ones but I think you will find the consistency makes it easier to use parts of the Xojo framework you have not yet used because of the consistency.

And yes, you should update to the latest version as most users use the latest version and will assume you are as well when helping you on the forum.

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Unless you have older apps that require an older version of the IDE, I’d update immediately to 2020r1. Also forget about xojo.core.xx and xojo.io.xx.