What is with the 'flat' trend?

My first Mac was a Mac Plus, so I remember the days of tiny 1-bit screens when icon and UI designs had to be simple and ‘flat.’ Remember icons in Windows 3.1? Same thing with a dash of color.

And I remember how much better things started to look when icon and UI designers started taking advantage of 24-bit color, higher resolution icon formats, faster graphics processing, and higher resolution screens.

Why are we seeing a throwback to the old days on both Windows and now iOS? Windows 8 and the latest Office have UIs that are boring to me at best. To me the new iOS 7 screenshots have that same ‘boring’ look, and the icons are absolutely hideous.

When the heck did a memo go out to UI designers to make everything ‘flat’? When did shading, shadows, and using more then one color become a bad thing?

Our industry has finally devolved into mere fashion.

What’s old is new. In 10 years they’ll go back to more of a 3D look because flat will look so outdated.

That’s why you should keep your clothes. Wear them a few years, pack them away just to find them again when they are the new trend.

I think this is one of those “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes” kind of things. The flat icons of today are a zillion times better than the flat icons of the past. You can’t really keep those old clothes in most cases. For example, when cords came back briefly they were fundamentally less zip zip zip zip zippy and it wasn’t just the better fabric they also were looser.

I think the design trend is away from skeuomorphism and towards minimalism and functionalism. Overall I agree with the direction and I’d guess most people here would too if they thought about it. Just look at the derisive comments in the threads discussing the Xojo (re)design, I recall lots of “we don’t need this eye-candy” type of comments.

People want something different than what they had yesterday. After a few years they forget what they had and it can be recycled.

At least I’m not the only one who doesn’t really like the ‘new’ Windows 8 flat look on iOS… Fingers crossed they don’t do this to the Mac.

Next annoucnement… new Apple Video Display!

with your choice of Green or Amber, in 80 x 25 line mono-spaced text.
No more worrying about string lengths, kerning and all those other annoying features…

Still have all my old multi colored Apple T’s
They’ll be back in fashion soon ?

[quote=13072:@Dave S]Next annoucnement… new Apple Video Display!

with your choice of Green or Amber, in 80 x 25 line mono-spaced text.
No more worrying about string lengths, kerning and all those other annoying features…[/quote]
You have no idea how many complaints we get that “the selection color when I use green text & black background in the code editor is really ugly” (same goes for amber on black)

Just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

According to some sites, the next display Apple will ship is a Retina 27"… With over 4K resolution!..

This was my initial reaction as well. iOS has traditionally used a skeuomorphic design. For example, the Camera app’s icon looks like a camera lens. That makes sense for people my age (49) or older because we can relate that app to another physical device, a camera.

Then it hit me: younger people don’t necessarily have that same relationship. For example, my kids only know smartphones. Phones that are attached to a location are like antiques to them. Same with CDs, same with physical cameras. To them, the iPhone is a phone, and a music player and a phone. So skeuomorphic designs really don’t make sense to them. So the flat design actually does make a lot of sense.

However, they still use a camera in the Camera app icon. And a handset for the Phone app icon. So perhaps these symbols will become icons that come to mean something that actually don’t relate to things in the modern world. Many people will only have a cell phone and only have the camera that is built-in to that phone.

In my family, we have no home phone. We have a 35MM Canon Digital Rebel but we only take that with us when we are going somewhere to specifically take pictures. The ratio of pictures I take with my iPhone compared to our 35MM is something like 50 to 1.

I have my doubts this will happen soon. Prices are still too high. And it is very unfortunate those of us who already bought a Retina MBP cannot use any such Retina externals.

The other problem is 1920 x 1080 is a 20" resolution. So a 4K at 27" will actually have less usable space than the current Thunderbolt.

Our children never will guess how these two items used together :wink:

Right so… and I DO remember throwing cassettes out of the car window because in the rush of fast forward the tape was all messed up around the little metal axes inside and when ejecting 3 feet of tape remained in the tape deck… :-((

Wow… I haven’t seen a manual word process in eons!

‘INSERT’ at one end, and ‘DELETE’ at the other :smiley:

The quoted dimensions are 5120 x 2880, which would give you the same working space as the current 27" Thunderbolt display, just in beautiful Retina goodness… Yummy…

But it’s all rumors…

I’m aware. But all the talk about Thunderbolt 2 is that it is just barely capable of running a single 4K screen. I don’t believe Thunderbolt 2 can drive a 5120 x 2880 display. The iMac could do it, as the display does not need an external connector, they might have some magic up their sleeves on that front.

I’m not an expert, but from what I can tell, a 5120 x 2880 external display is still a ways off.