What is this window?

What is this type of window called?

How can I create and use in my app?

It look as if I do not know how to post an image…it’s from Flicker.

What it is is the DIALOG(?) box you get in the in Xojo while editing a control in a window and you click on the pencil.

It is XOJO’s “nice” option to quickly edit text/labels and captions… and personally I find it annoying… especially on small controls.

Yes! I also find it very annoying and makes it difficult to select the control without the the thing popping up.

However what I would like to do is use it for (user) editing a listbox cell.

Why not use the Listbox built in edit features?

Pretty sure it’s just drawing a fake window onto the editing canvas, and not actually a separate window. Some people have tried to make custom popover windows that might do a similar thing in a separate window, try checking those out maybe.

This might interest you:

It drove me nuts until I figured out that clicking at the TOP of the control reliably selects it.

You also select a control with a clikc on its name on the Navigation pane.

That new “feature” is a nice to see feature.