What is the way xojo search for external items?

Hi folks,

I’m wondering what is the way xojo search for external items.
I have a folder, with subfolders containing external items I use in almost all my projects.
I’m planning to move some on them to API2
so I will make another folder with a copy of them, and edit them for api2
but how do I tell xojo to search in that other folder, project by project ?
extending this, hiw does xojo search for an external item ?
in the same folder ? relative to the project ?
what if I rename the folder containing the external items ?
what if I move it in another folder ?


Firstly, Renaming things that already exist in a Xojo project outside of the IDE is a great way to shoot yourself in the foot and possibly make your project not load. There are two “easy” ways you can handle this:

  1. Upgrade in place. Just add the API2 implementations to the same classes & modules and set deprecation attributes on the old items so it’ll be clear that you shouldn’t use them going forward.
  2. Duplicate the folder and change the names of every item so the API2 item names are different.

Now if you’re using Subversion, you could use an External, gradually update the items there and then you can update each project when they’re ready.