What is the name for On/Off button?

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What is the name of the On/Off button used in the Xojo IDE? I’d like to use that same style in my projects.
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Here’s one from Thom: http://thezaz.com/code/zirconkit/switch/

Thank you!

Is there one for RS2012 R2.1?

In theory, it should work in Real Studio, but I’ve never tried. You can either try changing the extension of the ZirconSwitch.xojo_project to rbvcp and see what happens. Or open the project in Xojo and copy the classes into a Real Studio project.

Like I said, I’ve never tried it, but I don’t recall using any Xojo-specific features, so it may work.

I’ll do that Thom. Thank you. Is the correct name “ZirconSwitch”? Or is this a name you gave your control?

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It is commonly called a switch control. Sometimes a rocker. I have a series (currently just two) of controls I prefix with Zircon.

Thom, it works in RS 2012 R2.1 as you predicted - very nice!

Will it work also under Linux?

It should. There are no declares or anything fancy, but I only paid special attention to Mac and Windows. Linux is one of those platforms I want to care about… but I don’t.

Fair enough Thom. You’ve now added me to your customer list!

Thanks Albin for pointing this out to me!