What is the little drop down thing in Xojo when saving called?

What is the term used to describe the little drop down window that appears when saving in Xojo?

I would like to implement it, is there a Xojo component for this?


Look at SheetWindow (under Window)


and showModalWithin


Or GetSaveFolderItem


or it’s API2 replacement


Hey Markus
Thank you. Sheet window. Now I know what it is called I can read up about it. Thanks!

Just note that SheetWindows are Mac only - though it should be pretty easy to roll your own cross-platform version.

You make it sound like they don’t exist at all for cross platform development.

On other platforms, they behave as ordinary movable modal dialog boxes.


how to do that??? something like sheetwindows for cross platform??

They don’t.

The whole point of a SheetWindow is that it is a modal window that stays with it’s parent window.

As SheetWindows do not exist on Windows or Linux Xojo uses a movable modal instead.

That does NOT make them SheetWindows.

The easiest way should be with ContainerControls (though you could also use a Canvas). Did it once as a proof of concept, and it is on my list of “articles to write for xDev” …

There are other options too though … I’ll have to check what options MBS offers …

i have xDev, can you let me know which issue so i can read up on this

When I’ve written it I’ll let you know :wink:

:thinking: You can proof-read then … :grin:

I thought you already wrote the article

Maybe I’ll write it for next the issue (Jan/Feb). If so then I’ll send you a pre-print when I have it done.

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