What is the ListBox currently selected Column ?

I wanted to know what is the ListBox currently selected Column and was hurting a wall.
Then, I watched carefully the SortColumn and found that I can use that to store the “Sorted Column” # in a property and use it as the currently selected column.

OK, if no column is sorted, I will get 0, and after all, I can consider that Column #0 is the currently sorted column !

Am I right in doing that ?

What is your feeling ?

If you define “selected column” as when you click a column header, then what you are doing is close enough. If you mean, the column (in whatever row) the user just clicked on, then it would be different.

I feel sorry for the wall.

Tim: the user click column. So this is good. Thanks.

Wayne: I was able to call 911 fast enough; thanks !