What is the IDE Build Setting - ID?

Hello all,

Can anyone tell me what the “ID” field is in the Build Settings for Linux, iOS and Raspberry? I searched the forum and the documentation and could not find anywhere a reference to what the ID means, how to define it etc etc.


Where do you see this ID field in Build Settings?

I think he is referring to the Inspector pane at the right, where the App Name is. Probably a better field name may be App Properties or something, to be more specific.

Xojo 2016 R1.1
Build Settings
Shared = on the lower right side of the screen.

Major Version
Minor Version

You mean the [ID] section heading?
The same one that appears on the top of every other pane that is displayed there?
The one that is sometimes accompanied by a “gear”?

That is all it is… a “section heading”, its not a field, its not a button… its a … well… uh… its an “id”

on those displays where the “gear” is also present, its a TabPanel

Hi Dave,
No I mean a field label

BTW, is there a better way to show images rather than to create, upload to my website, then give a path here… takes a bit of time…

For some reason the inspector is not displaying correctly. I am not able to reproduce this on Windows 10. It looks as though that field should not be appearing under “Shared Settings”.

Well on mine (for an IOS project) that has a “label” of “iOS App Name”, not blank as your shot shows

Yeah, something is not right. That field is the “App Name” field and should only be shown on the Inspector for the specific build targets, not the Shared settings. Does it still show like that if you restart Xojo?

Hi Paul,

Yes it happens every time. Here are more screen shots

The other Inspectors look normal. It’s just the Shared Inspector that has that ID field for some reason. Does it only do it with that project? Can you save it as XML or Text and reload to see if it goes away? Can you attach the project to a private Feedback case?