What is the function of the "IDE Script" window?

Hi all, in connection with another question I became aware of the existence of a so-called “IDE Script” window, which can be opened via “File > IDE Scripts > New IDE Scripts”. Apparently it is used to test individual script instructions separately. However, I miss some important functions, including the setting of breakpoints and the monitoring of variable contents. You can also only display what you explicitly enter with the “Print” command: these contents are displayed via MessageBox. I also don’t understand what function the menu bar displayed in the script window has, as it seems to be only a redundant variant of the menu bar in the main window of the IDE. Can someone explain to me how to use the script window in question or where to find it in the general language instructions that deal with this topic?

The IDE Script window allows you to construct scripts that manipulate the Xojo Integrated Development Environment and currently active project.


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So that is the meaning. Now I have understood it. So it is not a debug control window, but rather a code entry window at the metaprogramming level. That explains a lot. Thank you very much for this information.

Seems to me its general purpose is to allow you to script the IDE, so if you have a series of steps you do often in the IDE you can automate it.

Thank you, that makes perfect sense.

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