What is the difference between the Paid/unpaid versions

I am only a hobby programmer and would like to learn how to use Xojo but can’t really justify the cost. especially as it’s an annual recurring cost.


with paid version you can compile you application. that is you can create an executable binary.

Thanks So a programme would only run in the IDE.

Yes - you can run in debug mode. By the way it’s not ‘an annual cost’ - if you buy a version then that is yours forever and you can build executables even after the years support expires. You obviously lose access to updates, new versions if you are not renewing but it still works fully.

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Just to add - it may become unviable after a while due to the annual OS updates from Microsoft/Apple etc. If they change something fundamental then without a new version of Xojo, taking into account those changes, then Xojo may not be able to build a working executable.

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Xojo is free to use for learning- with the free version you can only Run your apps on your own machine.

You can buy a Xojo license to build your apps that includes 1 year of updates to new Xojo releases. After that year expires, you can keep using any release of Xojo that came out before your license expired, indefinitely.

If you want to get access to new releases, you can renew at any time.

Thanks for clearing that up for me. That sounds more reasonable for someone with my needs.

Thanks again


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