What is the difference between 'Save As ...types'?

Hello all,

What is the difference between a Xojo Binary Project, XML Project and Xojo Project?

What are the pro’s and cons for each and which is considered ‘best practice’?


It depends.
If you use VCS(SVN, Git…) you’ll want to use the Xojo Project format as it creates multiple single files for clases, modules, windows etc. so you can easily track your changes.

Hi Albin!

Hope all is well with you. Do the others create separate files or something? I have Git - but frankly not a clue how to use it. Lazy I guess since I have not done any work to research ‘how’ to use it!

Staying in the same vein, currently most of my classes are external since they are shared. Are all of the shared classes grouped and gathered, then saved in the single Xojo Project file? If this is the case, then any changes to the external files will not be included - correct?

Thank you for your response Albin.

Binary is a single file, so is XML. The Binary file can be tricky to read for the human eye though :wink:
I’m not sure about external classes but I would think they stay external for all different project types. You’ll have to give it a try :slight_smile:

There is a Webinar(2 parts) about using Git if you have two hours top spare.
Part 1
Part 2

See Project Formats in the User Guide.