What is that Red number in Xojo’s IDE Icon ?

After a seach in the Finder yesterday on the “ToolBar” string, I ran several examples (and text, html… files).

  1. I get my default browser launched many times… :frowning:

  2. I saw a strange thing: a red number in the Xojo IDE icon (at cmd-Tab time) ?

What is that ?

It’s the number of unread messages in the ‘Messages’ Pane. Click on the icon on the right in the bottom of the window.

Thanks Eric for your kind answer, but… “unread messages” ?

Oh, Xojo unread messages, messages related to the application ?

That number disappears once I quit the running project (in the IDE).

Actually, these messages are informations generated by the IDE and when the debugged code is calling the System.DebugLog() method. The red badge with numbers only appears when debugging a web app though, and is doubled with a star added to the Messages pane’s icon.

Not correct. DebugLog will not decorate either icon, but will be added to the messages pane. Using System.Log with a certain level - cannot remember which - will cause the decoration.

It basically means you wrote some code to tell you of important things, so the IDE is trying to tell you one of those important things happened.

Since the messages pane existed in WE before the new IDE, it may behave differently. I have touched WE in a long time.

I stand corrected.
And you’re also right about the WE: It behaves differently as System.DebugLog() does decorate both icons, as long as the Message pane is inactive.

Thank you for the informations.

It was the only time that I used WE and I do not knew what it was until FireFox (my default web browser) was launched and I quit it (four times ?).

Once I suspected something wrong happens (nothing to read in FireFox), I goes to the lauched project folder to get information and saw it reside on the web examples folder or so.

I get there using a search in the OS X Finder on “ToolBar”: ToolbarExample.xojo_binary_project appears in the Find window and I ran it. I do not suspected anything at found time.