What is a xojo_window?

Just converted a project over from RS and I noticed that it converted all the “external” windows to the same filename but with a “xojo_window” extension. I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere… Is this normal?

I would like to correct what I stated in my original message.

When I opened and saved this project in xojo, it converted 9 of my windows from an rbfrm extension to a file with a “xojo_window” extension. All the other windows it did not change. For the life of me, I can’t tell why it did this. What the heck is a xojo_window and why did it change the extension?

I sure would like an answer to this, because this creates a huge incompatibility with using RS and XOJO concurrently on a project. I was told that there would be no problem doing this, but now it appears that xojo DOES make some irreversible changes to “SOME” windows? I hope someone from xojo will chime in.

Considering you posted this in the middle of the night for us, please be patient.

Depending on how old your RS IDE was, there are a number of changes which could make your project not open in older versions. New language features being at the top of that list. Keep in mind that traditionally we do not go out of our way to break backward compatibility, but it does happen from time to time. The more time that has passed, the more likely this will be.

Xojo_window is just the updated extension for windows on the new IDE.

That being said, I am not aware of anything that would cause extensions to change like that though. Except maybe using Save As.

You project still opens in REAL Studio & in Xojo ?

Greg / Norman

Yes, I can still open the project in RS, but still curious why it converted just some of the windows to the “xojo_window” extension and not all of them. I don’t know if this is coincidence or part of the reason why, but the windows that had their extension changed were all in a folder called “Default_Windows”. There are 44 other windows in a folder called “App_Windows” that were not changed.

Some of the Windows in the Default_Windows folder are based on our wDefault class and some are based on the Window base class that xojo/rs uses.

I guess it’s not a real big deal, but just wondering why xojo did this. I opened the project in xojo and when I saved it (not save as), it changed the name of the extensions on these windows.

Feedback is certainly appreciated as we continue to adapt to xojo.

Just a guess, but could the windows that were in the “Default_Windows” folder had been “external” and then changed to “internal”? That could likely cause new files to get written, which would use the new extension.

Interesting… that’s a possibility. It’s our own framework that we created so that is a very likely possibility. So you’re saying that there is something in these windows that still has a tag to indicate that they may have been external at one time, even though they are not now?

No. The act of changing a window (or any project item) from external to internal will cause it to be resaved alongside the project (instead of wherever the external item was saved) and newly created project items use the new extensions.

It might be worth mentioning that it is safe to rename them back to the old extensions if you need to open the project in an older version of RS.

Tim - That’s the reply I was looking for. Since we are just moving to xojo, it’s nice to know that if we are in a pinch we could move back to RS without this issue causing us problems.

Have you switched to xojo completely?