What is a Standalone Web SSL?

In everyday easier to understand terms, please explain what is Standalone Web SSL?

What capability does the end user see or experience?

Does Standalone Web SSL expand the possibilities or market for Xojo web apps?

did you read the blog?

and my trouble with SSL?

Normally we use Apache for the SSL, but now you can use SSL directly with a standalone which helps for clients who don’t want an extra web server, like for example an app which runs on your computer locally. And than you can use any tablet your WLAN for accessing the web app to see the data from desktop computer.

In the simplest terms, it provides a secure connection to your Xojo Web App running Stand Alone.

The end user sees a secure connection versus a non-secure connection.

From my perspective, yes it does expand the market for Xojo Web Apps because some Web Apps absolutely demand a secure connection. Providing it prior meant third-party software which made installation and configuration that much more complex, perhaps too much so for most potential buyers.

Thank you Christian and Frederick for your answers and that you responded in a matter of minutes.