What is a good Hex Dump Utility

Does anybody use a good and “cheap” hex dump utility for OS X? There are some on the App Store but none have great ratings and I don’t want to make a big project of trying a few to find a good one.

I don’t need a full editor just something to do a quick look at a file when “gremlins” seem to be present and cause issues when using the file.


hex fiends

[quote=408089:@Jean-Yves Pochez]hex fiends
End of discussion.

Edit: See their GitHub releases for the most recent version, the website does not list it. As of this writing, 2.9 is the latest stable: https://github.com/ridiculousfish/HexFiend/releases

I also like 0xED (that’s a zero).

I tried out HexFiend and it is pretty cool. I will take a look at 0XED.

Thanks for the help.

Another for 0xED. I use it daily.

Or -

cat file | od -h | less

For the easiest route…

[quote=408259:@Tim Jones]Or -

cat file | od -h | less

For the easiest route…[/quote]
You can omit the “cat”

od -h file | less