what is a DatabaseFieldInterface ?

if you implement a recordsetinterface, you have to fill a method “Field” that returns a DatabaseFieldInterface
also IdxField returns the same
if you set it to a variant, you can compile but get an illegalcastexception when you run it.
if you try to set it to a databasefield, you can’t because it’s a private object you can’t make a new one.

there is no documentation about this type of object …
where can I see some example on how to make one ?

Those interfaces do not do anything and should not be exposed.


I made a clone of recordset, with my own class.
it’s very useful because it allows me to any move for any kind of databases…
what should I return from the field or idxfield method then ?
as it is impossible to create myself a databasefield instance …

No, you cannot create your own DatabaseField instance.

Tried that. Broke it. Got a slap on the wrist in the form of a bugfix note :stuck_out_tongue:

a databasefield is very similar to a variant … will work with that !