What I'm working on.... need feedback

I know there have been other “custom listbox” controls created… .and each one has pros/cons, as I’m sure this one will as well

Illustrated are the cell types it will support…
In addtion to “Headers” like a normal listbox, it also support row labels (default display matches EXCEL, but can be turned off, or altered)

  • Supports Variable Row Height per row
  • currently 10 types of internal cell contents/controls (if you have more ideas let me know)
  • Background/Foreground colors per cell are supported.
  • Row and/or Column defaults for each attribute can be set … to minimize customizing EVERY cell
  • will support InsertRow, InsertColumn as well as DeleteRow, DeleteColumn
  • Technically UNLIMITED number of rows and columns (depending on memory) [uses a sparse populated dictionary]
  • Supports Solid/Dotted/Dashed borders (similar to Listbox)

Note : NOT a drop-in for Listbox… as it supports more features. but would not be difficult to adapt to a legacy program :slight_smile:

Right now it works only in “display” mode… I have not yet started the navigation/edit functions

What I would like is feedback, especially on functions/features that might enhance the final result.

Another Note : it does NOT do EXCEL formulas (but that is an idea I’ve been toying with)

I’m going to put together a full web document describing all the functions and features, and will post a link when it is ready

I might be interested. I heavily subclassed the CustomCellListBox of Alex Restrepo, but I’d like to see something a bit simpler. I added some new cells (audio playback) and I think poupmenus. Another concern was column sorting AND adding/removing columns.

Right now I am just solicting feedback for features etc.
Sorting will probably be part of it, the trouble is sorting a column that has “widgets” in addtion to mix of text/numbers
Adding/Deleting Rows and/or Columns will definitately be a part.

This control has an attribute “ColumnCount” which doesn’t limit the number of columns you can HAVE, just limits the columns it will DISPLAY (perfect for making a property inspector for example)


Looks promising
Your property inspector has been most useful… this is a logical extension.
Can I suggest the colour selector be something more like the combo box/menu in design: a mostly colour box with a […] widget to the right?

And you could pop up one of the menu date selectors for the date fields.
I can’t think of an immediate use, but I can imagine a slider control could fit in a cell.
Drag a bar left / right with the same effect as the percentage bar, but setting rather than just displaying…

good idea…

plus I think it will have LOAD/SAVE features as well… since its a simple dictionary … storing as XML should be easy

I give you an example (but .NET) of the things that bug me with an on going project, as you can see there’s things like the combo box button, the button and scroll bars that I have no control over, as far as I’m aware I can’t do anything about the scroll bars.
If I could totally stylize in Xojo I’d go back in a flash to get everything consistent, anyway this is what I’m looking for in a list view, it will have checkboxes etc eventually

aaah no pic and no edit button lol

Excel-style cell selection.

binding to a recordset ?

Currency cell style (configurable number of decimals)
Boolean cell style (on off switch)
Left / center / right alignment
decimal alignment
simple graph embedding (controlled by cell values)
automatic cell type setting controlled by the values from the recordset from Jean-Yves

Sorry for the long and heavy wishlist! :wink:

  • 24 hour time support
  • Various date formats

Not sure if you’ve covered it in Variable Row Height per row, but text wrapping within a Cell.

[quote=163977:@jean-yves pochez]Currency cell style (configurable number of decimals)
Boolean cell style (on off switch)
Left / center / right alignment[/quote]

Boolean Style right now is a checkbox… Switch is an idea I’ll consider
L/R/C alignment is already covered for all celltypes except ProgressBar where it is ignored

Cells are currently navigated by Row/Column, where a -1 selects the defaults (ie. CellType(-1,5)=3 sets the DEFAULT value for Column 5, which is used if any cell in column 5 is set to CellTypeDefault)

I am a of the school that “data-binding” of controls is “evil” (sorry), so this will not be happening

[quote=163989:@Andre Kuiper]Currency cell style (configurable number of decimals)
decimal alignment
simple graph embedding (controlled by cell values)
automatic cell type setting controlled by the values from the recordset from Jean-Yves

DP alignment, quite possible
Graph . maybe in a future version
AutoCell Type… based on recordset … no (see above), but most celltypes will automatically choose their “type” based on overloaded cell assignment … Cell(x,y)=“ABC” is autostring, CellChecked(x,y)=3 is auto Checkbox etc.

[quote=163990:@Paul Sondervan]- 24 hour time support

  • Various date formats[/quote]

Still trying to figure how best to do time formats (and number formats for that matter), already on the list :slight_smile:

Hmmm… have to noodle on that one :

Thanks for all the suggestions

Your feedback so far has been some great ideas… an number of which can be seen in the updated image above.

  1. Color Picker has changed, and now has 140 “named” colors… will display hex value if not in the name dictionary
  2. Added ability to specify # of decimal points (from 0 to 15)
  3. Added an “Accounting” format where negative numbers are in (1234.56) instead of -1234.56
  4. Added ability to use decimal seperators (comma or period based on locale)
  5. Added auto-word wrap if long text in tall row
  6. Date and Time will display in Long or Short format based on user system setting (This was done mostly to eliminate the need to deal with internationalization :slight_smile: )

I meant the possibility of selecting multiple cells as we do in Excel/Numbers/etc…by clicking and dragging. I have not found yet a custom listbox in xojo which allows that…but I thing it would be great.

How does the ComboBox look like if you increase the row height? Does it increase with it?

Column-based Autocomplete for quick data entry

It will allow single cell, column, row, or rectangular selection… The only thing I have not figured out is how I’m going to return the data (probably an array)[

The idea there is the combobox “control” remains the same size, and is positioned Top/Center/Bottom the same as a single line of text. Since what you see is a “drawing” of the control, but during actual selection, a “real” Combobox is super-imposed. Basically unless I come up with a reasonable method (ideas?), only “plain text” will grow/wrap in the cell

why not a Dictionary with Str(row) + “,” + Str(column) (or whatever combination of the two) as key?