What Icon Program do you use on a Mac

I am looking for a good icon creator program for Mac OS X. I currently use Axialis IconWorkshop for Windows
but want something easier to make icons for my XOJO projects.

Any input ?

Does anyone even make their own icons or am I the only one ?

I use Photoshop.

Thats pretty high end for just doing icons.

I use Logoist and Icons

Photoshop is great, but you can get by just as well (and for way less money) with iDraw and Pixelmator. Both are quite good.

Funny you should mention them, they are both the apps I use. I used to use Fireworks, but I only had a PPC version, so after upgrading OSX I needed a replacement, these two apps combined fit the bill perfectly.

I guess you can do very well with iDraw and Pixelmator. Because I own the Creative Suite via my bread-and-butter job, I usually draw Icons in Illustrator, open them as pixel image in the required size in Photoshop (giving me the best representation even in tiny sizes – on a current “Miniwindow” which works and looks a bit like the one iTunes offers (but does different things), 12 x 12 pixels are almost a little too big – and save them as PNGs.

I surely hope Xojo will make the native use of vector images as easy as handling pixel images one day. Would be a tremendous timesaver, much more with regard to Retina compatibility.

Thanks a lot for mentioning Icon, Paul! Didn’t know of it before and it looks promising (from what I see from the images; there seems to be no demo version available currently).

Another Photoplop user… Been using Photoplop since versions 2 and have had a love, hate relationship with Adobe since… Sadly I’m so used to the damned application, that it takes me an incredible long time to use other apps to do what I can do in Photoplop.

If you pay attention, every once in a while Adobe do special discounts on Photoplop (because a lot of people hate the rent model), currently I’m paying $9.99 a month for it. Which is cheaper than it was when I had to buy boxed versions.

The ONLY reason I have to update Photoplop, is when a new system version comes along, the older versions just crap out…

You name it, Sam. For quite some years Adobe’s software has been subject to microsoftization: The UI bursting full with elements, but each new module seems to be bought from another third party and packed into the main app no matter if its handling breaks the program’s use paradigm. I usually employ only PS’ core functions and for more sophisticated stuff revert to 3rd party plug-ins which are much easier to handle and bring much more fun to the workflow. OnOne has done a great job on that, by my opinion. Other apps like Pixelmator show how fast, easy and fun to use a Mac Graphics app could be but sadly do not cover my personally demanded spectrum of core features. And yes, then there’s the fact of program familiarization …

I hope my CS 6 (boxed) will stay with me for one or two more OS versions. But with the urge of real innovations to make customers buy the new version taken from Adobe, why should they find back their good manners and sell boxes again? (I mainly use InDesign and, although being a Illustrator hater, haven’t found any real substitute for it yet, so the rent model would cost me a bit more than Photoplop(?) only.)

Wandering astray, sorry!

Currently I’m working with version 4.3 (€ 4,49 in the App Store).
You can try to contact them and ask if there is a demo version available.

art 2 text from MAS, really quite powerful for the price.

I think it is ‘Art Text 2’, and this is my main icon tool.

Sorry David you are right. It is

No need to apologize, I don’t know a single PS user that’s truly happy with the last 5~6 versions. I only use to create artwork, ironically not for photo editing. So Adobe adding in 100 & 1 “1-Click Styles” to Photoshop is no big innovation to me.

My CS3 crapped out on 10.9, under 10.8 it was flaky and slow.

I don’t use an “icon program” as much as a “paint program”…
One that I designed specifically because I disliked all the “Paint” clones (well the few) that were available for OSX.


Not sure about that website dave. I tried to download DS Lockbox from there and it never works.

Thanks for pointing that out… somehow my main store page is a bit messed up… the direct link above works.

as does this for Lockbox http://www.rdS.com/ds_lockbox/index.html

Dave, that does not work either. It does take you to the page but when you click on the free trial it never works.

I get a page with all 4 of the apps when it should be a download .Zip prompt. ( did not put the path here as I am not sure I should ).

Anyway it does not prompt me to download it. I have tried this in Safari and FireFox, nether work.

Hmmm… ok let me review my whole site and make sure the links are correct