What has happened to this forum/community?

What has gone so terribly wrong that this forum has gone from a most helpful place full of good advice, good will and debate to a completely downtrodden, wrangling blog.

And I know everyone will reply with pricing, licensing, upgrade discounts, new framework etc etc etc. It has happened, we should all deal with it. Many many people requested iOS as part of the Xojo package and so Xojo inc spend many many man hours getting iOS in the package, they obviously need to pay for this work so have altered the pricing a bit to recoup the costs and what a riot it has caused. Did we all think it would be free of charge? Did we all think we should be exempt from paying because we have been loyal to Xojo for ‘x’ years. Come on folks get with it, you wouldn’t do all that work for nothing, they are a business not a charity, not open source, not idiots.

Lets get things back on track, move on, grow with the change. The new framework is going to be a change, like the new IDE was and what grief that cause and now we are all using it. Lets not all be sticks in the mud, things change, things cost money to change and things need to change otherwise we would still be using Realbasic 1.0.

Can we get back to discussing solutions, software and helping each other out. Leave Xojo’s business decisions to Xojo inc. or apply for a job with them and then discuss how the business should be run then. Its all getting rather tiresome and if you really work out the monthly cost increase in the new licensing and then the amount of time you have spent moaning about it on this forum, you will see that you have cost yourself more money in non-productive forum bashing than Xojo have increased their price by.

Lets move on now, I’m sure Xojo have heard the complaints, I’m sure they have taken them on board and I’m sure they will look at all options to please their loyal customers, to enlist new customers and to also and importantly turn a profit.

People have to decide if they are Hem, Haw, Sniff or Scurry

I agree with Mike - all I read lately seems to be arguments regarding numerous issues :frowning:

I have also noticed that there seem to be a few new forum members, who have only made negative posts regarding Xojo. I get the feeling that they are probably pseudo-names by previous disgruntled members which see this as fun. All I can say is THANK YOU for the ignore feature - my ignore list is growing ever larger.

I tend to agree with you Richard on both counts.
I think there are pseudonyms in use for some ex-members just to raise everyones ire.
And ignore can be very useful.

Pseudonym - that’s what I meant to say :slight_smile:

This is the best forum on the Internet, not sure what you are talking about.

If concerned customers using the vendor forum to question recent changes is too much to handle you might want to unplug for awhile. I mean that with all respect.

It’s not like the discussions are mixed in with the technical conversations. When you see the words “pricing” and “license” in the title, just move along to another conversation. People are bringing it because they represent buying conflicts for a lot of users. I don’t use iOS right now, but I am sure when August 2015 rolls around, I’ll plop my $699 down and keep coding. But many others have to justify the cost, which in some cases has doubled. I’m not prepared to tell them to pipe down, just because their problem is not my problem.

Maybe there are just a lot of spam posts that I do not see for some reason. The OP makes it sound as if there are epic battles being fought here. The programmers needing help are being drowned out by fury and sorrow. It’s nowhere near that bad. The best way to deal with it is how you handle it Richard with the ignore people/topics.

Merv, its just life though, I don’t use every road in the UK when I drive my car but I don’t ask for discount on my road tax for not doing so. I don’t develop apps for Windows or Linux but I don’t expect to pay one third of the cost of Xojo.

I have simply ignored certain people, and am now muting the threads regarding framework changes and pricing - due to the fact that I have voiced my opinion; listened to the opinion of others; and the decisions are here to stay.

It now seems to be going around in circles, so for me it is time to mute :slight_smile:

There’s already a thread or two discussing this stuff though, why make another one to complain about people making such threads? :slight_smile:

I wasn’t I was making one about What has happened to this forum/community

Oh no - now this thread is going the same way :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

They all do Richard, its tedious. This is what I meant in my OP. As @Phillip Zedalis says I should bob out for a while to ignore it. Lets hope I don’t pop back in when 64bit is released, Can you imagine the furore.

TOR and temporary email addresses are a wonderful thing when it comes to being able to freely express your opinions in a heavily censored forum.

I don’t know, I tend to just say what I want to without hiding.

Having to update all those bits … OMG … :stuck_out_tongue:

Should have started with “Well we’re updating the framework. Adopting Haskell wholesale. Like it.”
At least then we could say "well we heard your complaints & this is what we’re going to do … " and rolled out the new framework and folks would be pleased.

A commendable thing.
Far too many folks use the internet & anonymous handles to be complete jerks.

There have been a lot of negativity and fingers pointed at Xojo (I have definitely done my share lately with the changes)… and the fact that those posts are not censored or deleted shows just how solid and great this place is. It’s a discussion community… that’s what forums are. The topic the OP addressed with concerns over is exactly because of the recent changes. Like everything else, it will die down with time.

[quote=151960:@Richard Summers]I have simply ignored certain people, and am now muting the threads regarding framework changes and pricing - due to the fact that I have voiced my opinion; listened to the opinion of others; and the decisions are here to stay.

It now seems to be going around in circles, so for me it is time to mute :)[/quote]

I’ve done that too, and it may be a mistake. People moaning and bitching now, most often provide good feedback and support on the forums in other various topics. If you ignore them, you may miss out on some decent knowledge when it comes to those. Just know that’s a possibility, but do as you must.