What happened to Undo?

Wasn’t there an undo feature in RealStudio? For example you grab something on the IDE, begin to move it and realize you grabbed the entire page panel instead of the button on the page panel. You start to move and realize your moving the wrong item. In RS easy, just hit undo, but what about Xojo?

Cmd Z works, Edit Undo works too.

Ah… Found it. Was looking an icon I had setup under customization in RealStudio. It would be nice to be able to customize the menu/icon/task area above the window like in RS.

I know, I was looking all over for a way to add buttons to the xojo toolbar, not possible at the time.

Not at the moment since thats a true Cocoa toolbar in the OS X release & we haven’t sorted out how to make the tool bar customizable yet.
Once we do then you’ll be able to make use of it as well in your Cocoa apps.