What happened to the Spotlight plugin for Xojo?

The Real Studio (and Xojo) IDE used to bundle my Spotlight plugin. But when I checked with Xojo 2015r2.2, I found that the app’s Contents/Library/Spotlight folder is empty.


Well, I guess then Xojo doesn’t mind if I re-release it on my own? Have a long-pending article on “How to search for code in your many projects” for my blog that I like to publish, finally.

We stopped updating it about 3 years ago
Finally removed it in 2014 or so (I forget which release)

You’re the first to mention it :slight_smile:

…xojo had a spotlight plugin?

There are two related but different aspects

  1. a spotlight plugin
  2. an mdi importer that would make it possible to search your projects using spotlight

The spotlight plugin that lets you use Spotlight from within your apps still exists (see the SpotlightQuery class)
The MDI importer does not

Norman, then why is there still a Library/Spotlight subfolder in the app’s Contents folder? You may want to remove that, as it’s a bit confusing, as if something was missing :slight_smile:

bug/oversight in the build script left it in place

You may want to look in 2015r3 :slight_smile: