What Happened to the Pong Thread?

Did this read from yesterday get deleted?


It got “Pinged”?

I spent over an hour making an example project for the OP of that thread… :frowning:

Ouchies! That would hurt, Mike. Doubly-so if the OP never got it. :frowning:

[quote=160100:@Mike Cotrone]Did this read from yesterday get deleted?


I bet the OP was rude enough to make it private… Did you post your work before he did ? If that is the case, talking about running away with the loot… Please, what is his name, so nobody else gets burned ?

google “pong site:forum.xojo.com” and its cached


It was posted before it went away. Weird, as it was a “forum code” based example not a polished MAS ready app … :slight_smile:

This William Alienichev (thanks Will for the Google tip) looks really like kind of a thief. Or a troll. Apparently, he just sprung in, and ran away.

Ha! :slight_smile: Here is the “Super Amazing Code” that was worth running away for :slight_smile:


Maybe his ping got ponged???