What encrypt kind is this string ?

I have this string “5aa8d200168d01329a8e005056a9545d” and I do not know how it was encrypted.

Is it possible to get that information ?

BASE64 was not used to create this string.

It looks like it could be MD4 or MD5 but it is hard to tell for sure.

More specifically, here are several formats of hashing that this string matches:

  • MD5
  • NTLM
  • MD4
  • LM
  • RAdmin v2.x
  • Haval-128
  • MD2
  • RipeMD-128
  • Tiger-128
  • Snefru-128
  • MD2(HMAC)
  • Skein-256(128)

MD5 is used a lot so if I had to pick one from the list, that would be my first choice.

MD5 seems to be more common, so I would definitely try that first.

Thank you all !