What encoding do I use to send a URL via email

From a web app, I am trying to send a URL via email to a user.
I want the URL to contain a JSON.
That URL will go to my HandleSpecialURL address.

The problem I am having is that by time the request gets to my Special URL handler, the text has been encoded improperly. In other words, the first character of the request should be “{”, but instead it is arriving at my Special URL handler as “%7B” or something like that (at least that is how it looks in my IDE debugger).

Am I thinking about this correctly?

How do I construct a string to send via email that is “URL/SPECIAL/{jsontext}” so that the user clicks on the URL and my SpecialURL will receive the json text that I expect?

It’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. Certain characters are not allowed in urls (like { and }). In HandleSpecialUrl, use DecodeUrlComponent on that string.

Awesome - as always, you solved my problem.