What does this area in the Xojo IDE mean?

What does this area in the Xojo IDE mean and why is it called “Deprecated”? The menu of a Window can be set to “None” using Window.MenuBar, which is close to Visible = False.

it means you can use it but it will disappear one day. this can be in years though.

I know. I was just surprised that this appears as a title in Inspector.

And this was unclear in your original question, at least for some (me included) :wink:

I didn’t see it being documented or even mentioned earlier, so I’m not sure whether it’s wanted or a bug.
Knowing what is deprecated directly in the inspector pane looks great to me, anyway.

As for “MenuBar visible”, it’s different than having no menu bar.
“Menubar=none” means the window won’t have a different menu bar than the application.
“Menu Bar Visible” means the menu bar will be hidden (if unset) while the window is in front (the Dock and floating windows will also hide). This is the “Kiosk” mode known in earlier Mac OS version (the “full screen” UI mode those days).

Not sure why this property is deprecated, however.